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Indespension Super Roller Coaster 5.5


With a gross weight of 1800kgs and a carrying capacity of 1315kg the Super Roller Coaster 5.5 is a twin axle braked trailer and can carry a range of boats and Cruisers up to a maximum of 5.8m in length.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.


  • Heavy duty double ladder frame

  • Indespension coupling with optional lockable hitch
  • Adjustable swinging arms
  • 33 Rollers
  • Bearing savers
  • Heavy duty height adjustable winch post
  • 165R13C wheels
  • 48mm Serrated jockey wheel
  • Heavy duty 2 speed winch
  • Light board on extendable bars
  • Submersible LED Marker lights

Everything on this trailer is adjustable, so it can fit most hull shapes.


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